Walla Walla Hot Air Balloon Rides and Festivals

Wine Tastings and Hot Air Ballooning in Walla Walla

How about crossing hot air ballooning off your bucket list and going wine tasting at local wineries in Walla Walla? I’ve made my decision.

Hot air ballooning is a lot of fun, but hot air ballooning in Walla Walla is something special. If you’ve never been in a hot air balloon before, you’re in for a treat. Most people’s bucket lists include hot air ballooning, and let’s be honest, with Covid, a lot of those bucket list items have gone unchecked. It’s time to make a change!

Seattle Ballooning offers commercial hot air balloon trips above the lush grapevines of Walla Walla at sunrise and dusk. Following the ride, the balloon firm provides delectable hors d’oeuvres and delicious champagne.

History of Hot Air Ballooning in Walla Walla

Since 1783, hot air ballooning and wine have been synonymous, and balloons have been flown in Walla Walla for more than 40 years! The Montgolfier brothers flew the first hot air balloon ride above grapevines in France. On every one of their trips, the balloonists (Aeronauts) would bring champagne to distribute to landowners as a thank you for allowing them to land the balloon on their property. Hot air ballooning has come a long way since its inception in the 1700s and is now a popular tourist activity worldwide. Hot air balloon rides are available in two locations in Washington State: Seattle and Walla Walla. Both sites provide breathtaking 360-degree vistas as well as a secure flying environment.

Wine Country is located in the state of California.

Walla Walla is a town in Washington state. Some of the best wine countries in the United States may be found in Washington. In the area, there are around 200 wineries. The views of the vineyards from a few thousand feet in a hot air balloon are breathtaking, and it’s an experience you won’t miss! Balloon rides are available in Walla Walla during the spring and fall when the grapevines are in blossom or harvested.

Walla Walla Hot Air Balloon Rides

Guests can share the basket and fly with other people or opt for a private hot air balloon ride. Hot air balloon rides with Seattle Ballooning may accommodate 2 to 12 persons. It’s a fun pastime for the whole family or a romantic weekend getaway with your partner. Walla Walla hot air ballooning is quickly becoming one of Washington’s most popular hot air balloon tour activities. Nothing beats gliding through the sky like a bird at sunrise or sunset, surrounded by undulating hills and azure mountains. Hot air balloon trips over Walla Walla wine country are available all year and provide stunning views no matter when you go.

Festivals of Hot Air Balloons

In the Northwest, there are just a few hot air balloon events. In Oregon, there are two annual events, while in Washington, there are two. If you’re in town for the Walla Walla Balloon Stampede and seeking a unique experience, you’re in for a treat. For the weekend, hot air balloon pilots (Aeronauts) from all over the Northwest assemble in Walla Walla. The mass balloon ascension and launch from Howard Tibetan Park usually attracts over two dozen pilots. It’s incredible to see 20+ ten-story-high hot air balloons floating over the sky.

Balloon Stampede in Walla Walla

The Walla Walla Balloon Stampede is a nearly 50-year-old yearly event in Walla Walla, Washington. It draws the entire Walla Walla community together. You can either be a pilot, sponsor the event, or book a commercial flight with Seattle Ballooning if you want to fly in the Walla Walla balloon festival. During the Walla Walla Balloon Stampede weekend in October, Seattle Ballooning performs commercial balloon operations at sunrise and sunset. Instead of launching the privately-owned balloons from Howard Tibetan Park, Seattle Ballooning launches over wine country. During the Walla Wall balloon festival, they secured various launch places, allowing for a full flight hour.

The glow of a Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon flight is included in every hot air balloon event worldwide. The heat from the gas burners provides a lovely morning that spotlights the colors in the fabric, which is anchored to the ground. It’s pure fun for both youngsters and adults! This cherished custom takes place at night and is a spectacular sight to behold. The balloon glow is held on Saturday nights at Howard Tibetan Park balloon grounds. These events provide a great photo opportunity and an educational experience for young people. Feel free to approach the aeronauts with any questions about ballooning or becoming a pilot. Because there aren’t usually any food trucks or concession stands, you’ll want to bring your food and drinks.

Dependent on the weather

All hot air balloon operations are weather-dependent, and Seattle Ballooning’s staff of weather specialists makes flight decisions. Wind patterns, short and long-term weather forecasts, and a range of weather information are all used. Even though balloons are at the whim of the wind, hot air balloon pilots use the direction of the wind at various heights to control their craft because there is no steering wheel. For safety concerns, balloon pilots do not fly in strong winds or poor/ marginal weather conditions. Passengers will have the opportunity to rebook or receive a refund if a flight is canceled due to bad weather.