Unlike many other similar events, the Creede Balloon Festival has been relatively small, but this is its great attraction, because it allows and even encourages interaction between the pilots and the attendees. Participants get a close up and intimate ballooning experience. 

       Held high in the San Juan mountains of southwestern Colorado, and in the gorgeous valley of the upper Rio Grande river, surrounded by the Rio Grande National Forest and the San Juan and Weminuche Wildernesses, the suitability location for ballooning is beyond compare. The Mountain views from the valley floor are beautiful, but from the air they are spectacular. Skimming the valley floor or viewing from a thousand feet up, the quiet serenity of hot air balloon in Creede Colorado is not to be missed. 



The Details

Labor Day is the first weekend in September. The event begins the Thursday before Labor Day with a Pilot  briefing. While one important purpose of the event is to go over weather information, timing and schedule of flights, safety information and other issues relative to the weekend, just a s importantly the event is an opportunity for the pilots and crew members to get to know each other better, discuss the weekends events and just have a lot of fun.

       Balloon flights begin on Friday morning and take off from Mineral County Airport at or shortly after 7:00 AM.  The pancake breakfast is held Saturday at 5:30AM (the balloon glow morning) and Sunday at 6:00  AM.  Creede Balloon Festival is privileged to have the enormous support of all of the public safety services in Mineral County including Mineral County Search and Rescue service, the Mineral County Sheriff, Fire fighters and paramedics. 

 All flights are weather permitting.


Sponsors and Rides

       As a benefit of sponsoring the event sponsors and friends and guest can fly with the pilots. See the sponsor section for details. There are usually a limited number of tickets to fly available in advance and even for walk-ups on the morning of the flights.

       The Creede Balloon Festival is part of a larger Labor Day Celebration in Creede and Mineral County, including a down hill Gravity race on main Street Creede where home made gravity racers compete on a three block course, an ATV rodeo , Salsa Fest and other activities.

       Don't miss the opportunity to check off one of the great experiences on your bucket list and fly in a hot air balloon in Fabulous Creede, Mineral County Colorado!