Hot Air Balloon

If you were to rent a hot air balloon, how much would it set you back?

What factors go into the price

The balloon’s envelope is the most expensive part of the total cost. It is the most critical component of the balloon. The envelope is crucial because it determines the performance and advertising potential of the balloon.

The basket is the second most important and expensive part of a balloon. The basket is chosen according to the capacity and weight of the passengers it can carry. Commercial flyers are concerned about the basket’s power, while racers are more concerned about the weight.

Also, you will need to purchase all the equipment and gear required for operating and owning a balloon. You will need to buy straps, burners, and a vehicle for transporting the balloon.

Average cost

A new balloon will cost around $40,000. The cost of a new balloon will vary depending on your choice of envelope, basket, and equipment.

The number of hours flown will increase the price of used balloons. A current safety certificate is required when purchasing a used balloon. Around 300 hours, the envelope loses its strength and becomes porous.

Used balloons can be expected to cost around $10,000

Prices for special-shaped balloons will vary depending on the specifications. The price will go up if the shape is more intricate or unique.

How to purchase a hot-air balloon

The process of purchasing a hot-air balloon has been made easy by us. You can choose from one of these options:

Option 1: Purchase a complete balloon

Browse our complete collection of hot air balloons on our Balloon Purchase Page. You can always move on to the next option if you are still looking for one that meets your needs.

Option 2: You can choose your basket and envelope

You can also browse our basket and envelope pages if you prefer to make your basket and envelope.