About Hot Air Balloons

The high aerial view of the beautiful Indian landscape is simply stunning and a hot air balloon ride allows you to enjoy these views. Everyone actually gave off the majestic feeling that came from flying so high in the sky. Exploring the different states of India takes a completely different turn by taking a hot air balloon ride. Imagine the beautiful scenery that you can see high above floating in the sky. It’s not always that you can enjoy such exhilarating vantage points and being so close to the sky. What’s even better about hot air balloon rides in India is that you can make your friends and family a part of the adventure.

Best Places for Hot Air Balloons in India

The state of India has everything from serene landscapes to majestic monuments that are incredible to behold. You can enjoy aerial views high above in the following states:


Pushkar in Rajasthan is known for its colorful exhibits filled with fun activities. A hot air balloon ride here gives you a clearer view of the entire fest. You can also enjoy panoramic views of high-sailing Jaipur and see all the palaces, havelis and fort.


Kamshet near Lonavala is not only a popular getaway to enjoy time with friends and family but also an ideal destination for enjoying hot air balloon rides. While enjoying the trip, the views of the lush green valleys, mesmerizing waterfalls, scenic forested hills and majestic Sahayadri Mountains are simply breathtaking.

Madhya Pradesh
Enjoy an aerial view of Bhopal and admire its beauty by taking a hot air balloon ride that takes place at the Jeet Stadium. These rides promise fun, adventure and beautiful views. As you soar into the sky like a bird, you can admire the natural scenery.


The name Goa spells fun and adventure of all kinds. If you’ve filled up sandy beaches, how about trading them high in the sky in a hot air balloon ride in South Goa. While indulging in a hot air balloon ride in Goa, you can experience the timeless beauty of this place along with the fluffy white clouds above, the deep blue waters below, the sparkling beaches, and the adrenaline rush in your body.


Karnataka is packed with natural and monumental beauty. Hot Air Balloons in Hampi are a great way to enjoy your eyes on all the splendor of this country. A hot air balloon ride in Karnataka offers the opportunity to see the ancient ruins and cultural heritage of the historic city, overlooking the various temples and caves.

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Important Tips for Hot Air Balloons

Don’t Lean

Although hot air ballooning is a very safe activity, some precautions are important when you are high in the air. The most important thing is not to lean too much.

Comfortable Footwear

There is only enough room for people to stand in a hot air balloon which is why you need to avoid heels or any footwear that can give you discomfort.