Hot Air Balloon Launch – A landmark in aerial adventure history

The hot air balloon was launched in 1783 when only a sheep, a duck and a rooster boarded the flight, after which, the manned flight marked hot air balloon history, right up to the ‘worldwide’ hot air balloon flight record in 1999. Hot air balloon success story has touched new heights and has made a soft corner in the hearts of many adventure lovers.

Where was the hot air balloon invented?

‘Hot Air Balloons’, three words that spur the notion of adventure and thrill, made a major launch in the history of air travel in 1783. On September 19 this year, a scientist named Pilatre De Rozier gave way to the first balloon ride that was ridden by sheep, ducks, and roosters. This exciting flight lasted in the air for about 15 minutes before crashing, and after this there was no looking back. After 2 months the Montgolfier brothers from France took off on the first manned flight which flew for about 20 minutes after launching from central Paris, and it was the birth of the adventure called hot air ballooning.

This history was rewritten in Golden words when Jean Pierre Blanchard, a French balloonist flew over the English Channel in 1785. This first attempt at a long-range hot air balloon marked large print on the Balloon account. Again in 1793, balloonists flew North America’s first balloon flight in the presence of then American president George Washington.

Since then, hot air balloon rides have been in the hearts of millions, who want to soar above the world unhurriedly and enjoy the beauty of the world below. Aviation is not only popular with balloons or scientists, but they are also famous with travelers and adventurous souls who have a desire to take a bird’s eye view of nature and the man does wonders. After Jean Pierre Blanchard, many scientists and balloonists set and broke records in balloons that defied all boundaries in manned aerial flight. In 1932, Auguste Piccard, a Swiss Scientist, set a new altitude record by taking his manned flight to the Stratosphere, reaching 52,498 feet, where many new altitude records were registered.

Two major breakthroughs in balloon history were The Atlantic Challenge and The Pacific Challenge, where both expanses of water were breached by several gallant balloons. Double Eagle II becomes the first balloon to cross the Atlantic Ocean. This helium-filled model carried 3 passengers and flew for 137 hours over the ocean. Three years later, in 1981 the Double Eagle V was launched from Japan, and landed 84 hours later in the Mendocino National Forest of California. All records were broken when in 1999 Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones completed their first ‘worldwide’ hot air balloon flight.

Aerial Activities

Starting with open fire balloons and moving to gas and helium balloons, hot air balloons have gone through their many stages, and they have climbed the ladder of popularity and admiration in the hearts of many adventure lovers. Hot air balloon flights have made their presence all over the world, including countries like India, Australia, etc., where many professional balloon companies have their expert pilots taking many passengers to extraordinary and enchanting experiences. So those who fall in love with the exciting idea of flying over the world should hop on the adventure balloon.