Be a Part of the Hot Air Balloon Community

Many people may not know much about hot air balloons, or how big and active the hot air balloon community really is. Whether you’re looking for some tips on piloting a hot air balloon or want to offer some advice of your own, there are many ways to do it.

Hot air balloons are not for the faint of heart, or actually for those who have no money to burn. That is why many people believe that hot air balloon rides are only for the rich and privileged. However, there are various ways to enjoy balloons without spending a lot of money, such as joining a balloon club or becoming an active member of a balloon community.

Balloon Club Opens Balloon World For Everyone

Hot air balloon rides are usually bought as a gift for someone else, not for yourself. Usually this is because they are very expensive, especially for those who may not believe balloons are for them. This is why hot air balloon clubs have become so popular, as they offer the opportunity to get up close and personal with balloons and learn more about them. They also provide the necessary resources for members such as balloons, crew members and training so that it is easier for members to practice their skills.

Join a New Community

Balloon flight enthusiasts around the world share a common interest: a passion for all things inflated! There are hundreds of clubs and related forums that cover everything bubbling – from equipment to tips and tricks taking, they provide a platform for amateurs to ask questions and find information on their own.

Enjoy Your Hobby Without Spending the Bank

Hot air balloon rides are very popular all over the world, but many people don’t realize how easy and simple it is to join such a club or community and learn how to fly. Unlike private lessons, which can cost thousands of pounds, a balloon club membership is around £200 per year which includes the cost of using the club balloon. Having all the resources in one place along with experienced and passionate crew members makes ballooning much more accessible and much more realistic.

Showcase Your Skills At Shows And Bearings

Balloon clubs and communities are perfect for those who share the same passion and desire to learn more, and practice their skills. Many clubs incorporate their balloons into shows and parties to promote the club and potentially gain more members. This is a great opportunity for members to showcase their skills to other community members and gain insider knowledge from like-minded fans.

The hot air balloon community is growing rapidly around the world, with more and more people eager to learn new skills or meet new people with similar interests. Clubs are easy to join and online forums can be found easily, with access to thousands of different people who all want to discuss hot air balloon travel.

Graeme Smith is a huge fan of hot air balloon flights around England. To learn more about how you can make the most of your  hot air balloon ride  , visit The British School of Ballooning’s website.